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Canada is a large country and home to thousands of species. The first step in preventing the loss of species is to know which species we have in Canada, where they occur and what their status is. The mandate of the Program on the General Status of Species in Canada is to provide this overview. The main product of the program is the report series Wild Species: The General Status of Species in Canada.

The Wild Species reports represent the most comprehensive look at the state of Canada’s species and contain the general status assessments for a broad cross-section of species, from all provinces, territories and ocean regions. Originating from the collaboration of all provincial and territorial governments in Canada, and of the federal government, reports from the Wild Species series represent a huge accomplishment that summarizes the monitoring efforts of species in the country.

The Wild Species reports are released every five years. The most recent, Wild Species 2010, is now available and represents the third report of the series, after the 2000 and 2005 editions. This series embodies the commitment of all Canada’s ministers responsible for wildlife under the Accord for the Protection of Species At Risk.

At this website, you can download the Wild Species reports and their databases.

The image consists of the Government of Canada logo then followed by the logos of each provincial government.